Bon Voyage

Yesterday evening, we sailed (or, rather, motored) off into the sunset on the Long Wharf Theatre charity cruise.   What a nice way to close the curtain on twenty years within Long Wharf‘s orbit.  Many thanks to Carefree Boat Club and Captain Doug for making it special.

It’s interesting how life comes full circle, especially in a small community like New Haven, Connecticut. When my husband, Josh Borenstein, and I first arrived in town, I was a theatrical costumer, and he was an incoming graduate student at the Yale School of Drama in its theater management program.  Of course, I applied for employment at the local Tony award-winning regional theater, Long Wharf.  After a bit of trouble finding the facility for my job interview (this is an industrial loading dock— it can’t be here!), costume shop manager extraordinaire, Jean Routt, hired me and took me under her wing. 

Long Wharf alumni might recall the annual staff holiday party and the centerpiece competition, for which the costume shop cooked up a gingerbread version of the theatre, loading dock and all. 

A gingerbread Long Wharf Theatre for the holiday season, viewed from the loading dock side, complete with graham cracker plywood and a seagull perched on the roof.

Alumni may also recall brushes with celebrities like Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, as well as the spring shop parties, when everyone let loose after a busy season.  Then, I left Long Wharf for law school and, soon thereafter, Josh came onboard as general manager. 

From my running crew days at Long Wharf

Fittingly, we celebrated the end of an era with Charlie and Gretchen Kinsley, whom we’ve known for years.  When I decided to leave Long Wharf and the theater world to pursue a more secure career path in the law, Charlie was kind enough to sit down with me to discuss his perspective on the profession.  Then, in 2011, Josh took the helm as Managing Director with Charlie by his side as board chair from 2011 to 2013.  

Again, folks’ paths tend to cross and intertwine in unforeseen ways in Connecticut– that took some getting used to after growing up in New York City’s much larger and more anonymous environment.

It’s been quite a ride. Now, it’s time for Josh to join me in the proud ranks of Long Wharf Theatre alumni as we embark on a new journey.  Bon Voyage!