Boater Girl

In 2017, I discovered boating and it was literally life-changing. On the water, I have the time and freedom to think, to feel, to be alive.

But I noticed something during my newbie days offshore. While I saw many ladies on boats, very few women were at the helm. Fast forward to 2021. Now, I’m seeing (and meeting) many more boater girls, but the gender gap is still huge.

Nothing beats that exhilarating moment when you push the throttle forward and feel the rush of wind, water, and speed. Instantly, the stressors of everyday life disappear. More women should be doing this . . .

So I started a female-only community of Boater Girls. It’s a fun, growing, judgment-free group of women supporting other female boaters, whether you’re a beginner or a licensed captain. Check it out: Boater Girls | Groups | Facebook

Boater Girl Bling features fun apparel and more for us Boater Girls.

And check out my blog, which chronicles my adventures and foibles as a budding boater girl.

Finally, a message for all you newly-minted Boater Girls: You’ll get the hang of it eventually. Just learn from your missteps, have a sense of humor, and try not to take out any props!