Girls’ Night Boat

Working moms are natural multitaskers- it’s an eat or be eaten survival skill.  I wanted to arrange a “girls’ night out” for my friends, and I’m also constantly looking for ways to spend more time boating . . . hmm.

Eureka! We’d have a girls’ night out on a boat—Girls’ night boat.  Other contenders were “Girls (Boat) Trip” (for all you Tiffany Haddish fans) and “Bad Boater Moms.”

We left the harbor and spent the first 40 minutes just relaxing and decompressing in silence.  We listened to Death Cab for Cutie and other faves on the Bluetooth: “I want to live where soul meets body, and let the sun wrap its arms around me, and bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing . . . and feel what it’s like to be new . . .”

Traveling down to Westport, we admired the seabirds, the endless sky, and even caught sight of a rainbow over the water.  We chatted and gawked at the beachfront homes—some were architectural masterpieces, others were ostentatious McMansions.  On the ride back, I pushed the throttle forward . . . woo hoo; enough said.

We disembarked and enjoyed fried seafood platters, live music, and plenty of white wine at Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport—if you offer to take friends boating, someone else will gratefully serve as designated driver for the ensuing festivities!

Sunset over the harbor, a second glass of Chardonnay, and it’s a wrap (at least until next time).  Us moms deserve to have fun.