Money Saver: Give Yourself a Daycare Rebate

You’re paying for daycare or preschool no matter what.  Don’t compromise on the quality of instruction, atmosphere, or anything else that instills the confidence to drop off your child every morning.  All else being equal, however, choose a daycare that allows you to pay tuition on a credit card, and use a card that offers points, airline miles, or cash back.  You’ll receive a small, but not insignificant, rebate for all that moolah spent on childcare.  Of course, this works only if you pay off your credit card balance on time and in full at the end of each month to avoid interest and penalties, and provided that your daycare provider does not charge any extra fees for using a card.

If you are disciplined about paying off your card every month, charge everything you possibly can to your rewards card, and you could end up with a substantial rebate- enough to pay for a vacation or something else fun.