Boat-to-Shore Wear

Men have it easy- guys can throw a polo shirt over swim trunks and walk into a reasonably upscale waterfront restaurant.  Us girls deserve something just as easy and comfortable because changing clothes in the head just doesn’t cut it.  (For non-boaters, the head is a boat bathroom, and most of them are about half the size of a port-a-potty).  Throwing a dress over a damp swimsuit isn’t all that fun either, particularly if the restaurant is air-conditioned.

I set to work to solve this wardrobe inequity by combining something modern (nylon-blend swimwear fabric) with a classic 1940s-era look. Then I took out my needle and thread (or, really, my Serger and trusty old Bernina).  This swimsuit should transition seamlessly from a casual dip in the water, to boating across the waves, to trading your flip-flops for sandals and dinner in port.  Now, on to the boat-testing phase- if only it would get warm enough!